You’re on LinkedIn – So What!


You may have noticed the (not so) new buzz word in the HR and Recruitment worlds – social. Everyone is talking about it and some of us are doing it better than others. There are plenty of social media horror stories that appear on an almost daily basis about major faux pas or down right stupidity. Only this week, Kelly Blazek’s case highlights you never know who might just send your email, post or in her case her LinkedIn reply viral – Kelly sent the email below to a connection request from a job seeker. She’s since taken down her LinkedIn profile due to all of the attention.


Remember kids – once it’s on the internet it never goes away. Even if you delete that tweet, a post or a comment you made, someone, somewhere saw it and they more than likely screen shotted or shared it.

There are plenty of social channels to use – but today I want to focus on LinkedIn. Recently I have had a number of people add me on LinkedIn who I’ve accepted and then………… crickets. What is the point of adding me if you don’t wish to do anything with my connection? The number of connections you have doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do anything with them.

If you are going to take the time to make a profile, add a photo, blah blah blah at least do something with it. I am always open to connections via LinkedIn whether from a candidate, an industry professional or an agency recruiter. If you are looking to expand your network follow up a new connection you have added with a quick message. It doesn’t have to be anything long winded, but it will make that person remember you and you might also like to explain the reason you added them. Did you want them to consider your vacancies (or consider you for one of theirs), do business with them or just make industry contacts? They more than likely won’t know until you tell them.

While I could write a number of blogs about using LinkedIn. However, here are my basic top tips for using LinkedIn:

Log in regularly. I know this is a bit of a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people load a profile and then don’t use it or use it twice a year. If it suits you better download the app and use on your smart phone on the train, the bus, at home – anywhere.

Look for your contacts and add people you do know. Use the LinkedIn feature to load your outlook or mail provider contacts – let LinkedIn do the hard work for you. If you met someone new or had a great intro to someone at an event – add them. It’s also a great way to track your referees!

On that note – make sure you add a message when connecting with someone on LinkedIn. The standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network” is one of my pet peeves (and something I was guilty of for a long time…).

Update your profile. If you’ve shifted jobs, won an award, got a new qualification – add it on. Keep it updated and relevant (and for heaven’s sake – make sure it matches your CV). I won’t even get started on endorsements today.

Make sure you add a profile photo. Make it professional and suited to your industry.

Share appropriate content. No one wants to see your family photos (apart from your Mum and friends on Facebook so leave them there) or know you’ve got 2,345 connections. Make sure your postings are relevant, informative and most of all appropriate for a business networking environment.

Share, comment and discuss and make sure to join relevant groups in your industry/profession. You will only get out of LinkedIn what you put in. As another famous Rachel once said “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”.

So, you’re on LinkedIn – go forth and make it work for you. You can find me at – let’s connect.