Feel Good Moments in Recruitment


Sometimes I think that when we blog about HR and recruitment we focus a lot on the negative and the things that need to change in our profession.  While this is great and there is some great discussion coming through from these (as well as ideas, general sharing of great ideas and implementation of these) some days I feel like we all need a positive feel good blog.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the HR blogs shared and have grown our team and what we do because of them.


I hope to share something with you this morning to give you a feel good moment from my recent recruitment experiences, and brighten up your day.




The business I work for is in some very significant growth. I’ve blogged about the battle for talent before, but when your business is hiring 20-30 NEW positions a month the battle becomes a WAR! We’ve hired several hundred people in the last 12 months – meaning there are a lot fewer people within the talent pool we recruit from. With this in mind, we need to continue to improve when it comes to attracting and sourcing people – putting up an average (or duplicated – my pet hate) advert on a job board and hoping for an inbox full of amazing talent is not enough.


So…. only last week I was heading home after a particularly stressful and long day. I knew there was no way I wanted to cook dinner, and if I did go home I was going to eat half of my fridge contents as an entrée before my dinner was ready. With this in mind the golden arches appeared at the top of the hill on Great South Road on my way home and I pulled into the drive thru.  Shhhh… don’t tell my personal trainer! (As a side note – the McFeast is back…. OM NOM NOM!)


I was definitely not their friendliest, nor their best customer of the day. The queue was long, but moving for which I was grateful. As I approached the last window I was served by the most amazing person I think I have ever had service from at McDonalds in my life.  Her customer service was OUT OF THIS WORLD, and she blew me away and definitely got my out of my “funk”. As I was about to drive away and stuff my face with my calorie laden delights I thought “you know what – she’s a Youier”.  So right then and there I got my business card, handed it to her and said “call me – you are too good to work at Maccas”.


A week later – she called me. We scheduled a phone interview and she impressed. Then she met a hiring manager here at our business and impressed again. Funnily enough, she starts in 2 weeks with us. This isn’t the first time this has happened, however it is the first time that I have poached someone out of the Maccas drive thru at 8pm on a Tuesday!


It goes to show that although you might think you can get everything you need from a CV or cover letter, sometimes experiential recruitment works even better. While it’s nice to have strategic sourcing flow charts, blue prints and plans (and yes, I do have these too) sometimes it’s all about living and breathing your business and recruitment to get the best results.  So many of our hires are referrals, word of mouth or just me and the team getting out there and talking to people in our every day lives. It doesn’t have to be flash – but if you can recognise talent you are on to a winner.


And, as a candidate – just remember you never know who might be in your drive thru!


Watch out for me and my team doing some more fun experiential recruitment soon in Auckland CBD, but in the meantime I would love you to share your HR and recruitment feel good stories here. I look forward to reading and sharing them.