Job Board Bashing….. RIP Job Boards?


Job Boards

You don’t have to look far to see the latest blog or article about how “The Death of Job Boards” is upon us. Multiple companies have turned off their job board usage – relying solely on their own careers website, referrals and other sourcing channels to source their new employees. Kudos to them – if you can do it that way then your employer brand must be very strong, your referral scheme on fire and you need to not let your game drop – ever. One day I hope we might be there as an employer. But we aren’t. And there are many others who aren’t either.

The business I work for is a relatively new entrant into the NZ market in their field, with an employer brand that is developing every day due to the HR and recruitment teams hard graft.  We are also recruiting large numbers of people to come and work for us.  This all means we rely on multiple sources to source candidates – including job boards.

A scary statistic for you – we place over 50% of our candidates from job boards. Just let that sink in.

Yes, we have a great referral campaign, a small social presence (the marketing team are slowly letting me do more and more) and we do use other channels like work placements, our own careers website and the Maccas drive through to source people! However, with the volumes we need to recruit – this is simply not enough. We do have buzz out there in the market, but hiring anywhere between 20 and 60 people a month we need volume.  I rely on the job boards we use to help us hit our recruitment numbers.

Job boards do have their down sides – the high numbers of completely unsuitable candidates, the work involved to screen applicants, the cost (and yes, one major job board has recently put through another price increase recently!) and the fact that after the first week your ad is up it is so buried on the job board website it is rendered almost useless.

However, I want you to think about a time before you were in HR or recruitment, before you knew about employer branding, strategic sourcing etc.  Where was the first place YOU looked for a job? I bet you it was a job board. Unless you might have used something called a newspaper a few hundred years ago to circle job adverts……


I’m proud of the fact we use job boards to source some of our talent. While not something we would ever rely on solely and I would never encourage that, I embrace the fact we have a good relationship with our account managers for the job boards we use. Let’s just not have anymore price increases hey? Otherwise I might just have to review this blog…………..

As a side note – I also want to mention the amazing work done by Matt Pontin and his #HireMattPontin campaign. If you haven’t checked it you must – get social and find #HireMattPontin.