Customer Service Recruitment – Easy Right?!


I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted…. I’ve put myself on the naughty step and reminded myself that my to do list will never be clear – so I can’t wait for that magical moment before I start blogging!


However, I thought for my first blog post of 2015 (just squeaking it into March!) I would focus on customer service recruitment – it’s easy right?!

I know this might sound like a no brainer, even a little silly, but when recruiting for customer service people you need to attract and recruit candidates who actually enjoy dealing with people. Perhaps candidates who even care about customers – shock! horror!

I am sure we all have experiences of dealing with an employee of a company who wasn’t so customer focused – and I’m sure you told plenty people about that no so great experience!  As a recruiter and someone who is immensely proud of our brand I want people to join our business and have the same passion for people and customers I do.

In my role a lot of our recruitment focus goes towards identifying those candidates who do enjoy the service element of their job.  Customer service isn’t crucial to a single industry or just the industry I work in, it’s crucial across a spectrum of industries and across all levels of an organisation!  Just because you don’t have customer service in your job title doesn’t mean you don’t have to live and breathe it.  Even recruitment is customer focused – my customers are just a little different….

So, how do you identify a great customer service professional or even identify a customer service focus in candidates?

  1.  Great candidates with a strong customer focus will treat you like a customer – how do they deal with YOU as a recruiter?  Do they return your calls when they say they would, submit forms and other documents as you need them?
  2.  Have they got other credentials in their CV you might overlook (oh not you?) normally?  Perhaps they might have been a sports coach for a junior team? Volunteered locally? Maybe even speak in their interview about helping friends or family?
  3. Do they engage with you – make you as a recruiter feel like you have their full attention and time on the phone and in interviews? Because if they don’t… imagine what your customers might think…….
  4. Don’t rule out a great customer focused candidate by a job title – customer service runs throughout many different positions – which might not have customer service in the title.
  5. Don’t forget – great customer service people know great customer service, and they are also ALWAYS in demand.  Make sure you are practicing what you preach and giving them a great candidate experience.

Well, I’ve typed the words customer service so many times they have almost lost meaning….. so I’m off to check my applications and go and hire some more customer service rock stars!

And yes – I promise to blog more often. Thanks for the emails reminding me it’s been a while from those who read my blog….. I promise I’ll avoid the naughty step next time!