Does a PSA really work or just make agencies complacent?



If you’ve read the heading of this article, I’m sure I’ve already got your back up, particularly if you are an agency recruiter.  If you read my blog semi-regularly I’m sure it’s possibly not the first time and I can almost guarantee you it won’t be the last. As a blogger I want to ignite discussion, I want to make you think and I want to challenge some things in our industry.  If I was here each blog waffling on about how great everything is I would be failing as a blogger (and possibly a bit of a fibber!).

If you’ve read my last post, you will know I’ve shifted jobs.  And I’ve moved into an organisation that does use agencies to recruit when required and has a wide ranging PSA across the business.  This is a new way of working for me – and something that I have had to adjust to.  My background is in agency recruitment and in my most recent prior in-house role I had zero budget for agency – zip, nada, zilch. How my world has changed. But, of my current employer’s PSA, only ONE agency reached out to me when I started.  Kudos to them, they’ve built what seems to be the start of a good relationship and they’re getting some business.

However, I wonder if this is an industry issue or just our PSA issue.  In my last role I would speak to on average a recruiter a day chasing my business, even though I couldn’t do much, if anything, in that space.  On the flip side now I work for someone who has confirmed approved agencies….  the phone line is quiet. Maybe the word hasn’t spread out how it should, but there is also a recruitment team here and they haven’t had anything either! How does that work?

I know “back in my day” of agency I would be on the phone talking through vacancies, meeting my stakeholders, getting jobs to recruit and floating candidates that fitted culture, values and skills that my PSA clients looked for. It is one thing to be on a PSA but if you don’t continue to work at it you won’t be there for long!  I will concede that it is a two way street – information needs to go both ways.  It is also a delicate balance of not annoying your recruitment team/hiring managers or bombarding them with contact calls, coffees and information – but have we gone too far the other way? Scared to call in case we get push back? Worried about upsetting the apple cart of the PSA so we wait for instruction?

Now before you go blowing up my inbox with hate mail…. wait. I’ve been in agency before and I can appreciate the challenges of agency recruitment.  I know that agency and client relationships need to go both ways.  I’ll be doing my darndest to make sure that our PSA panel work with us, not for or against us. I’ve got things in the mix coming up to try to get everyone on the same page and work through our PSA to get results for all. However, it seems some just aren’t interested at the moment?  Is agency going through some form of boom I am unaware of?

In-house AND Agency recruiters I would love your input – what do you think? Is it time to scrap the PSA and open up the marketplace or is time to man (or woman) up and make our PSAs actually work BOTH ways?


Ch Ch Ch Changes…… Time to make a change!



As some of you may know from looking my LinkedIn profile (if we aren’t connected you can find me here: there has been in a change in the world of Rach – I’m staying in financial services, but have moved into the world of banking.  Yes, you heard right – I’ve gone back to corporate.  No promises on wearing pant suits each day or taking out my nose stud (sorry Mum!).

I’ve moved into a seriously operations focused role, doing what I love – recruitment.  The change has however exposed me to another variety of recruitment – global corporate.  Phew, what a change – one that I had to rapidly get used to!

I’ll be putting up a new blog post soon, this time from the world of corporate and banking where the talent might look different, but it’s just as hard to find.

Happy Recruiting!