So, you want to work in recruitment?





Recruitment. We all have an idea in our head of what it might be like to work on the other side of the desk – in the HR team. That idea can vary from one extreme to the other.  Just check out Google’s definition above……….!  I get approached by lots of people who want to get into the industry to see how they can join the recruitment world. Many people have an idea of what the role might be like, however it’s not always the reality.  I wish sometimes that my days did look like that though (see this great gem here from Robert Half:!


Being a recruiter has many different jobs, including (and don’t forget, not limited to):

  1. Sorcerer.  You will become the master of sourcing and meeting people.  The only way as a recruiter you will do well is if you are always finding new people to recruit and new people to talk to.  Using the age old reactive model of posting job adverts will not work long term when used alone.
  2. Networker. From the sorcery above you’ll also become a great networker – attending #nzrec events and finding more ways to meet people.  If I can tell you one piece of advice – never be a straggler at #ricepowwow.
  3. Social Media Junkie.  Your LinkedIn will blossom. You will tweet. Instagram worthy.  Hashtag inspirational. TTRTTPT.
  4. Cupid.  You’re matching great people with jobs they will love.  And hiring managers and clients / jobs with people that are a good fit (see hostage negotiator below).
  5. Private Detective.  Many a time a candidate will say the gap in their CV is travelling.  Or that they were at a place of work for XYZ time.  The other great one is the reference that is only available on mobile.  Your mission is to find out is it the truth.  In your time as a recruiter you will become a great tracker of people through SoMe, calling HR teams and finding people’s direct lines when they seem so unobtainable.
  6. Salesperson extraordinaire. You are selling candidates to hiring managers / clients, and jobs to people. Don’t think I am being negative with this one – please.  But, you are definitely doing your best to sell each side to each other.
  7. Mega Memory Challenger.  You will get to know the people who apply for every job, by name.  Sometimes by face when they drop by to the office to see you.  Once this happened and the candidate bought me lunch from seeing a Tweet I’d posted about wanting sushi that day…………………..
  8. Hostage Negotiator.  Sometimes with great candidates you need to stretch your hiring managers or clients thinking (or budget), or you might need to negotiate with your candidates to consider roles they normally might not – sometimes it might just be the job title (regardless of the fact the job is exactly what they have described they are looking for!).
  9. Skilled Juggler.  You will need to be able to manage multiple jobs and people at once.  Don’t drop one…………………..
  10. Teleportation. You need to be everywhere. Always.  You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but not her team of people.  Guard your calendar and use your time wisely!
  11. Giving Great Phone.  As a recruiter you need to give amazing phone, and have your phone voice on point.  Always act interested and be professional.  Even though when you take that headset off (and make sure the call is ended) you might want to yell or cry.
  12. Executive Assistant.  You need to be highly organised, organising your stakeholders AND your candidates.  And the paperwork.
  13. Fire fighter. From time to time you are going to need to put out fires. No fire alarm activation, you need to problem solve and move forward. Quick smart.


I honestly love recruitment.  While the list isn’t exhausting, you need to be aware that recruitment can be a challenging job.  Most people who want to get into recruitment tend to like challenges though!  If you do decide to work in recruitment, be prepared for:

  1. Meeting awesome people.
  2. Huge satisfaction of a job well done – such an empowering feeling.  Filling a job gives you such a “buzz”.
  3. Seeing people grow in a new job and/or new company.
  4. Building strong relationships with internal and external customers and candidates.
  5. Having a great team of other recruiters to work with.  Most recruiters are a heck of a lot of fun (side note: usually drink wine too).
  6. Laughing – A LOT!
  7. Variety of job (see above…!).
  8. Recruiters form an integral part of any business.  You become a big part of strategy and planning.  This role let’s you experience a lot from a business perspective – embrace it.


Anything you think you’d like to add #nzrec?

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