LinkedIn – The Follow Up!


Recently there has been plenty of discussion around online engagement and social media. @HRManNZ and @KylieTelford have both posted about it, as have I. Engagement on LinkedIn was my main focus – how LinkedIn was becoming a generic platform, trying to be many things to many people but only being OK (at best) and not being truly great at any of them.  I had some great feedback (both constructive and positive) to my blog, excellent tips suggested and I also felt like my blog got people thinking about their own ROI on LinkedIn. Funnily enough I have a meeting with our company’s LinkedIn account manager next Friday…. But I digress.

In the words of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time “sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something”. Pretty awesome way of looking at things right?


To be awesome with a digital platform you need to be innovative, push the boundaries and stay current. You also need to have a core focus for your platform and keep your users happy and engaged with that core focus. The added extras on top of that are just a bonus. It’s a tricky balance to keep, and getting it right every time is very rare! I feel that LinkedIn has so many focuses with so many product offerings. Great in theory, but the implementation and management of this is a tougher ask.

So LinkedIn, let’s see how connected you are with your market. I’d like to start an advisory group for you, maybe even create a Beta user team perhaps? Give you realtime feedback on your product, updates and how you could improve/develop these. Realtime feedback from people who use LinkedIn everyday as a recruitment and networking tool. Many people in our industry would be keen to get on board – I know because they’ve contacted me after my blog!

So, what do you say LinkedIn? Let’s do this?


p.s. As an update from my last blog, I have now reached 11 “great post” generic direct messages through LinkedIn Publisher. Down on normal volume, but hilariously ironic given the content of the post!




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